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Success Stories

PTES Successful Students in the Corporate World

Diksha Rane

BBA Passout 2014-2017

Hello Everyone

“P-Prosperity; T: Tenacity; E: Ebullient; S: Sanctified- is just the way I would describe the institute PTES.

My experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. There have been, and there will continue to be, many opportunities to learn more ways of improving oneself, and this attitude is what I and every student at PTES possesses within. PTES has taught me how to stand out, and prepared me for the same in my course time at the institute. You would hardly find institutes that have their own distinct culture, and PTES is one among those. My time in college has enriched my life in many ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and concepts in general. PTES is the best institute if you would like to see yourself well-rounded. The experiences here are truly irreplaceable and I would not trade them for anything. If I could freeze the time and speak to my current self, “What has been your best decision so far”, the answer would certainly be…………

Oh! You know it.”

Mohammed Younus

BBA Passout 2014-2017

Hello Everyone

I go completely speechless when it comes to saying something about PTES. I can write an entire book if I am asked to list the differences between me THEN and me NOW. I am afraid, I might sound ecstatic while saying this, but if you could trust me, PTES is not a bit less than that.

From being an introvert to facing thousands of people standing on a dais confidently is how I would particularly describe my journey. I never remember taking so much interest in learning and exploring new things as I did it during my course at PTES. I really appreciate the efforts taken by the faculty in bring the new ME out. If I am asked to credit someone for my success today, PTES would hold almost all of it.

C.A.Maqsood Ahmed

BBA Passout 2014-2017

Hello Everyone

Although, there’s a lot I could pen down, but words wouldn’t express all of it when it’s about PTES. I joined the institute four years ago and nothing seems the same now.

The journey has taught me several things, has provided me with a world of exposure. From being an amateur in management to being an HR Operations Executive in a renowned company like Direct Dialogue Initiative India Pvt. Ltd. clearly defines my journey towards success. Things look pretty simple, but teach you more than what you can imagine. From the most proficient faculty to an unmatchable exposure through opportunities in several management fests helped me to explore more out of me. I am sincerely thankful to the institute for providing me with so many opportunities and preparing me to win several prizes at national level fests. The institute has played an undefinable role in where I stand today. Just fell blessed.

Akshay Bhojannavar

BBA Passout 2014-2017

Hello Everyone

PeopleTree College made me believe that irrespective of your background be it rural or urban, irrespective of your fluency in English, one can be immensely successful. PeopleTree college made me confident and focused.

PeopleTree Education Society is a temple of knowledge .I would stand proudly and say that I am a student of PeopleTree Education Society College of Business Administration, where we have got the Perfect guides of our life (Our teachers ).

  • My experience in PeopleTree College in a short note
  • It helped me to come over my fear
  • It taught me to come over my tear
  • It was a temple of knowledge
  • Where everyone takes a pledge
  • To be a successful and knowledgable person in life.

A special thanks Sir Er.Jagdish Savadatti who have being as a pillar to PeopleTree Education Society

Basavant Kutre

BCA Passout 2010 -2011

Hello Everyone

I am so much excited and it gives me immense pleasure to tell my success story which only got possible with the help of PTES. Actually the funny thing was how I got admitted in PeopleTree. As I had come to this campus to take Admission for BBA but I suddenly entered in to the PeopleTree campus assuming this will be the Samiti BBA college but when I looked up to the campus and environment of PeopleTree BCA its suddenly it flashed in my mind why can’t I join this college to undergo a course called BCA. So finally I made up my mind and took admission for BCA. Now the biggest question mark for me was I didn’t know proper English and not even had a glimpse of the computer before joining the BCA. Actually I am from a Marathi medium background who was born and bought up in a small village near the outskirts of Belgaum, So I was very much afraid about myself and always had a doubt in mind whether I would compete with the students who were born and bought up in big city like Belgaum, as I saw when I attended the very first class all others were speaking excellent English. I was a very shy person who was not supposed to talk with everybody too much especially with girls, So herby I whole heartedly thank Sandhya Mam as she was the lady who helped me in improving my self-confidence and stage courage by taking communication and personality development classes.

Now after the first semester was over I gained a lot of confidence and was feeling like WOW! I started learning many things on my own and for every difficulty I had taken the help from faculty. There is no such faculty in PTES who never ignored to help me. Now after doing this all the first Success came in my life is: I was selected as a BEST BOY for the year 2008 and this was the first leaf of the PeopleTree history.

Looking at to my career now I am very much interested in Hardware and Software. But because of PTES faculties I have gained both knowledge & self confidence in my career. Now at present I am working as Software Engineer CUM System Administrator (MAC) in SmartResearchGlobal Company.

The best thing I can tell about PTES is faculties which they help the student on personal level as well as education (Technical) level. From this all I think you all are the best judges to decide that how come a SHY natured boy from a small village is now working with one of the US based company and handling US client with latest technology. Whatever I am today is all because of my parents and God’s blessings & the PTES group of Institution.

At last but not the least I want to spell out a few words, It is because of All members of PTES family, I built up my self-confidence and was able to compete with others. Without them it would have not been possible.

Rajashekhar Ijantakar

BCA Passout 2010-2011

Hello Everyone

I am currently working as a Software Engineer in Informatica Corp Bangalore.I am currently working as a Software Engineer in Informatica Corp Bangalore.

I saw add and visited PeopleTree. I felt like joining because the course was explained to me in a best possible professional way. I liked the communication training which PeopleTree gave in the first year of our college. I really learnt a lot from that. It improved my skills a lot. Made me a professional person.

I am from Kannada medium school. In the beginning I really struggled a lot. But PeopleTree helped me a lot by giving solution to each problem what I had. I started building myself with the guidance. Now I am able to compete with the challenging world only because of the training which I got in PeopleTree.

Pavan Meharwade

BCA Passout 2012 -2013


I was done with my PUC and was interested in Computer Applications so I was searching for a good college and I came across a newly opened college called PeopleTree Education Society in Belgaum. I had joined this college just for the sake of a degree, Alas! I was wrong, this college had much more to give me rather than just a degree .I had a great journey in PeopleTree College. The experience and learning which I have got here are really worth taking forward. In PeopleTree it was not only about Studying and getting Degree but building our inner and outer personality as well. A student graduating in PeopleTree is skilled with and made aware of many prospects of where we can build our career.

Getting into PeopleTree was a boon to a normal person as me. I could learn and discover many things which I think any other student my age has missed it. It made me strong enough to face this competitive world. I had the confidence in me but without such a co-operative support from the faculty team, I would not have excelled in it. I was made to take many roles as a person other than being just a normal student in the college. The roles include that of a learner, organizer, anchor, competitor and a teacher. The best part of my journey here was being motivated to build our final year project with the latest technology with the sheer guidance of the trainers provided to us from the TechTree. Through campus recruitment, I was selected in Wipro Technologies and now I am working as a Test Automation Engineer. All the credit for this goes to PeopleTree for inculcating such innovative technologies in me so that I stand out in a crowd.

Sangeeta Patil

BCA Passout 2012-2013

Hi All

I got to know about PTES through one of my friends,Vinit who had joined the college. He suggested that I join the college, as it was the only college which was admitting students without donation. And for people who had scored very low marks with least percentage. I was one amongst them who scored 42.83 % in 2nd PUC in the 2nd attempt.

After joining PTES, I felt like it was the only college who believed in nurturing its students with skill based learning rather than bookish knowledge. The college trains students to implement things practically and to learn by themselves. The Management supports and encourages students to engage themselves in various activities. We have Weekly Activities which is conducted by the students to its peers and National Level IT Fest Alchemy which include events like giving Presentations on various Technical concepts, Coding and Debugging, IT Marketing, Best Manager, Debate, Designing and other Cultural Activities. These activities indeed helped me a lot to know more about the IT sector. These events helped me to perform to the best of my ability whenever I participated in many National Level IT Fest conducted in and out of Belgaum. It was a privilege to be a part of GC winning team.

I have gained confidence, overcome my stage fear, and enhanced my knowledge by learning new things;all this was possible because of the opportunities I got at PTES.I would like to thank my faculties for sharing their knowledge which helped to score better and be one amongst the first five rank holders. I have also served as a Dy. General Secretary which taught me the responsibility of multitasking and leadership qualities.

PTES has transformed me from what I was when I first joined college, to a confident individual who can make a difference to the society. After I graduated, I work with EMC as a Technical Support Engineer for Customer Services in Bangalore. It was my destiny to be a PTI'ET and will always be proud of it.

Vinaykumar Shetty

BCA Passout 2012-2013

Hi All

When I passed my puc I had no idea what to do next. it was a big question mark and I wanted to get away from science subjects so thought of joining some course where I won't have physics,bio and chemistry. So I decided to join bba and came to people tree i had thought it's part of samiti as it was near to my home i thought of joining there. But later i came to know that people tree is different college and it'll be shifted to tilakwadi. I don't know why but instead of bba i took admission for BCA. I feel that was a life changing decision and that's how i got into PTES.

In PTES i got everything knowledge, Guidance, Support, Skills, Self Confidence etc. I had no idea about computers. I had no goals what to do after i finish my course. But 3 years in PTES changed my life completely i got to know my talent, got a goal in my life. Got self confidence, Stage courage, tasted the fruit of success. PTES changed my personality. Today when i compare myself with other students from some other colleges i feel i'm always steps ahead of them. I have the confidence that i can survive in this competitive World. Its all because of quality education at PTES. In College we were always encouraged to learn beyond syllabus today that's the difference between a PTES student and other student.

Now im pursuing MCA in Gogte Institute of Technology and here everybody respect us because we are from PTES. It makes me feel proud. Im confident i'll be successful in future and all credit goes to PTES and all faculties, Management of PTES. Proud to be the one of the growing branch of PeopleTree family.

Ashwin Joshi

BBA Passout 2012-2013


College Life

I joined People Tree Education Society (PTES) in 2010. The first turn of events started from this very institute. I was groomed, pushed to the wall and made to work harder than I could possible imagine.
Challenging our faculty members to win in Inter - Collegiate fests and winning them was a gain for us and also for the college. However, the freedom given to us in college helped me make decisions which is still helping me in shaping my career.
The pep talks we had with our principal Mr. Sunil Desai gave us the confidence that we could do something so unique that the world would drop their jaws in awe.
We shared experiences in college about the college fests we participated in and gave a boost to our morale. I am reiterating again mentioning that this Institute (PTES) has made me what I am today.

Work Life

The first interview I gave in, I cracked it. I was one amongst the 950 candidates who applied for the post of the Seller Support Associate. The candidates were from vast areas of study and experiences. Most of them were MBA graduates and had at least one year of experience.

Amongst all of them, I was a graduate from a college which was not very well known out of Belgaum. The job was open only for two positions. This meant the chances of my selection being made was very small.

However, I was determined and knew exactly what I had to speak and do in the interviews as I was able to learn a lot from my college in the past three years. I had 6 rounds of interview in one day and that evening the result was declared where I was selected along with an experienced candidate who had an experience of 3 years in the industry.

I joined Amazon on May 5th, 2014 and I am currently working with the same company (April, 2015).
My job profile was not very interesting in the beginning but I over performed and exceeded my targets and bringing in new strategies for my team to perform well.
In 8 months of my role, I was called in for an interview which is the first time in Amazon Bangalore site that an associate was called to give the interview as all the associates are required to be at least one year old in the company to apply for a new role.
This came as a surprise to me and I realized my talent and skills were recognized. I gave an interview to the Operations Manager who is the of the second highest post in the company and did exceedingly well in the interview.

The first time in Amazon Bangalore, an associate was hired for the most flawless team called SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics). I was that lucky associate and I still continue working for this team.
I still continue to surprise my leadership team and make marks on the process by introducing new ideas and simplifying the process.
As one of the youngest person in the team, I am highly motivated and determined to perform well and grow to unimaginable extents.
The bottom line is.... We all have a dream. We can either change it into reality or let it remain a dream for the rest of our lives.
The choice is ours to make.

Akshay Jamnani

BBA Passout 2013-2014

Hi All

Right from taking admission the personal care begins. It’s a very friendly atmosphere at the College

During my studies, I felt that college environment was very friendly starting from teachers to students. I can’t ignore the highly cooperative administration, best; principal, director of the college Prof Sunil B.Desai. It was a beautiful blend of unity, discipline, hard work & support.

The aspect of PTES that I appreciate here is the sense of belonging that the college system offers. If you chose to accept it, college would provide you with all your needs to ensure that both the study weeks, weekends & vacations are fun & not boredom. It can be tough at times but I found the atmosphere to be friendlier than other schools. Sir does push you a bit harder which is great when you get the results you need and you do make good friends because you see them so much and get to know them really well. I have never been as happy in a school as I have been at PTES College. Everything about it made me feel comfortable and at home.

At PTES, you can be sure of an excellent academic experience; the teaching staff are very supportive and amongst the best in their business. You can count on them to inspire you to bring out the best in yourself and even the most difficult topics will be taught with the utmost professionalism.

I would say that studying at PeopleTree has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have no hesitation in recommending people to come and study at this prestigious College to build a great future for you.

Sandeep Chougule

BCA Passout 2010-11


Many memories got flashed when you asked me about Joining PeopleTree Education Society(PTES), Life's best moments i have spent in my PTES family. Had great fun and learning.I would like to say that "PeopleTree made me matured and TechTree helped me to grow".

I would like to tell how i joined PeopleTree. After my PU was waiting for CET results and i scored quite bad and so i could not get an govt seat in Belgaum and parents din't allow me to go out of station, then as i had kept my second option to do BCA i started searching for the good college available in Belgaum and all most all reputed colleges where full and they where asking donation as i was late which i don't wanted to pay. I was going to Shaik College to enquire and while passing from Nehru Nagar road i saw a big hoarding was put in front of College on which it was written PeopleTree introducing Corporate BCA with 200 % Guaranteed placement and No Donation. It was a new college so it made me to think and go and get details about same and friends really as they said i got from the college even i can say i got more than what they had promised they helped me learn and survive in outer world.

I was very much interested to work in computer field and to learn new technologies. PeopleTree provided us Seminar's, Incumbation Center, Communication Class and Summar Training at TechTree IT Bangalore. Which gave us confidence and competition to learn, to do things on computer which can be used in the real time.

We had the best faculty's in PeopleTree and extra communication classes and fest/ events thought us a new thing every now and then.

PeopleTree actually made me to dream big and to achieve those dreams TechTree IT Systems helped me. Entering into PT & TT Family is my lifes best thing what i can say for my career.

I am currently working as a Jr. Software Developer for TechTree IT Systems. I have got 2.7 years of Experience. and worked on many multinational projects. Which include CMS, eCommerce and banking web Applications.
TechTree provided me an opportunity to travel abroad for project work. I was in Bangkok for a Month on a project for Online Creadit Card Applications.
I was an proud student of PeopleTree and Proud employee of TechTree now.
At last i would like to say that TechTree is helping me to finish my higher education. I am pursuing MCA and currently in the Final semester.
Its been an awesome journey from last 5 year's with PT & TT Family and hope to continue with the same spirit.

Aafaqhussain Sanwale

BCA Passout 2011-2012

Hello Everyone

I came to know about peopletree because of Aafreen and Amrin, we 3 did our PU studies from Shaikh college, one of the lecturer from shaikh told me that there is new college opened for BCA called peopletree and Aafreen and Amrin both joined there. so i met them and got some good feedback about the college so joined the PTES.

If i have to answer honestly then i would say that, when i joined PTES i was not expecting much, just some good teaching, complete the syllabus,then attend the exams, and finally there will be campus selection in the end,if i do good i will be selected,if not then struggle, so this is what i had in my mind at the time of joining. But i must say that what PTES gave me was more than my expectations in terms of opportunities to learn, to enhance my skills and grow myself technically,personally and professionally.The best part was participating in weekly activities, in-house tech-fests like Accolade, and conducting the ALCHEMY and the Events whatever we conducted.And there were opportunities for participating for tech-fests conducted outside the PTES too, though i didn't participate in a single fest,for which i still regret myself. but i just moved on saying nevertheless. And i must appreciate for the steps taken for building a bridge between what we were learning and with the outside IT world by conducting Guest-Lectures. And the Incubation Center(IC),was providing opportunities to learn different technologies and work on the real-time running projects...still there is a lot say on how i grown up in PTES,but i will conclude with saying that, I feel proud when i say i belongs to PTES family.

I am currently working in IBM as an AIX(UNIX) System Administrator/Engineer.


BCA Passout 2013-2014

Hello Everyone

I have completed all my studies till PUC in rajasthan. Before joining to this college, I always had a mind set that "being from vernacular medium I can not achieve anything big like developing websites,Softwares,joining MNC and becoming a professional working man etc".I always used to think that "One day even I'll develop such websites and softwares, If none of the MNCs recruits me then I'll open one a Company of my own(no matter how small it is but I'll open) but the question is "HOW???".

Although I always used to think the above things daily I have never realized It as my life span Goal.
Then i joined Peopletree in 2011 through one of my cusion brother's friend Tousif(one of PTeS BBA student).I took the admission in BCA and that was the turning point of my life.

Soon after joining PTes, The blocks mentioned above has completely left from my mind as if they never had a place in my mind. PTeS has made me realised about my GOAL.

The question "HOW???" is now answered very well. As a result I have developed a website in my first year.And at the end of the 3 years of BCA I have develop dozons of websites, Softwares for PC and Mobiles , I have selected for Wipro Technologies in WiSTA. you can visit one of the hosted website by this link here
And Now finally the boy with the mind set "I can't ???" has become "I can and I will".

Now the Obvious question here is How does it all happened in PTeS? You can find the answer yourself from some awasome features of PTeS listed below:

1.PTeS always believe Implementing the Latest so you are always learning the latest things.
2.PTeS Incubation center for development and learning.
3.Internet Learning
4.24x7 availability of required resourses
5.Up to date with Technology.
6.Any time access to Computer lab.
7.Learning outside the box.