Education 4.0

Education 4.0

#Education 4.0 #, or the # future of education # as many call it, will change the teaching-learning methodologies to make the students future ready. It is time to witness this change and inculcate it in our lives so that we can move towards a progressive, intellectual, knowledge-driven and future-ready world.
Broadly speaking, Education 4.0 is a school of thought that encourages non-traditional thinking when it comes to imparting education. …

Objective of Education 4.0:

  • Bridge the gap between Academics & Industry
  • Digital Campus
  • Student Journey
  • Alumni Engagement
  • Compliance & Accreditation
  • Flexible Learning
  • Industry Ready Student
  • Promote Entrepreneurship
  • 100% Employability

PeopleTree Education Society is the First College in Belagavi to introduce Education 4.0 to offer Industry Aligned Courses. The Course is truly designed and delivered the way industry expects. PeopleTree Education Society has been awarded as the Best Use of Technology in Teaching-Learning awarded by E-India Awards.
Application of technology for even non-technical courses is our differentiator.

  • PUC Commerce + Tally ERP
  • BCA + Machine Learning, Software Testing, Digital Marketing (Corporate BCA)
  • BBA+Business Analytics, Family Business Management, Hospitality Management(Corporate BBA)
  • BCom + SAP, Investor Market, MIS (Corporate BCom)
  • Institute of Hotel Management + Soft Skills, Personality Development, Industry Etiquette
  • Event Management
Social media- Use it to impact people

Social media- Use it to impact people

1. Examine Your Character

Character is defined as the way someone thinks, feels and behaves. It includes both your mental and moral qualities. In other words, our character comes down to the consistent way we think and speak.

2. Be an Example

The best way to make an impact on someone’s life is to be an example to the person you are hoping to impact. Are you focused on and pursuing those things that give your own life purpose? How are you seeking to grow as an individual and become a better person? Do you let others know that you are open to hearing about ways you can improve? In other words, do you have a teachable spirit?

3. Fill your Mind with Useful Information

we are to guard what we see and hear because it affects how we think. So it’s important to avoid cluttering your brain with useless information. If you fill your mind with senseless information, think TV sitcoms and the internet or YouTube videos, that’s what will come out. But, when you fill your mind with positive, encouraging, insightful and valuable information that will allow you to grow and flourish, you’re going to have a greater impact on someone else. Keep your thoughts focused on what really matters and what will help you grow as an individual.



A ‘Novel’ Coronavirus is a newfangled virus that has not been earlier recognized in humans. COVID-19 is the title specified by the World Health Organization(WHO) on Feb 11, 2020. The initiation was from Wuhan, China in late 2019 and has subsequently extended worldwide. COVID- 19 is an abbreviation that outlooks for coronavirus disease of 2019 Every activity up-to-the-minute in this globe happens with a cause. This cause
has its own positive and negative effects. In fact, the role of every aspect gives its merits and demerits. Let’s look out the effects of this Pandemic on us:

Positive effects:

1. Global traffic dropped by 60%, these emissions reduction have led to temporary dip in CO2 emissions.
2. Across the world, due to the spread of coronavirus disease, every individual getting more productive time spent with family.
3. During the coronavirus lockdown, one acquires ample period to be alone. Granting yourself some ‘Me-time’ and redirect on your forthcoming goal line, physical and mental well-being, career aspirations, and more.

Negative effects:

1. A drastic Economic Crisis Worldwide.
2. Local waste problems have emerged as many municipal parties have suspended their recycling activities over fears of virus propagations in recycling centers.
3. The coronavirus has led to increased volumes of un-shippable agriculture and fishery commodities and many more products. Thus a simple conclusion….. ‘Nothing is Permanent’

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