PeopleTree Institute of Bakery Technology and Management (PIBTM)

Peopletree College is one of the topmost learning centers in the Belagavi as an impeccable platform to nurture future professionals in this artistic field of Bakery Technology and Management in Association with DANBRO by Mr.Brown an International brand.

We transform amateurs with little or no knowledge of Bakery and Culinary Arts into hard-working professionals who are ready to compete in this challenging world for crafting their own careers. PIBTM provides them with suitable opportunities to uplift their amateur career with professional guidance.
Our Bakery Technology and Management instructors will share their knowledge, a wealth of experience, and pave the path for students to take their skills to the next level. We provide excellent training and methods being applied as per the international standards so they can stand among the top professionals bakers around the world and feel proud of their skills.

PIBTM certification courses are of 10 days, 3 months, respectively for students who can enhance their basic skills and fundamentals to make a bright start in their careers. All the procedures, methods, preparations, and recipes are of international standards in keeping students competitive for industry challenges.

  • Fully structured Courses
  • Extensive Practical and Theory Classes
  • Train with Top industry Chefs in the industry
  • Comprehensive Guidance and Placement Assistance

1. Advance Bakery and Confectionery Certified Course
Duration: 3 Months
2. Bakery and Confectionery Certified Course
Duration: 10 Days


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