Higher education sector, in recent decades, has witnessed a tremendous growth in many aspects such as its institutional capacity, enrolment, teacher-student ratio, etc. The rapid expansion of the higher education system at the same time has brought several pertinent issue related to equity, efficiency, excellence and access to higher education in the country. But one of the leading problems of the higher education world is the students who complete their basic education in regional language face tremendous s problem to obtain their basic degree in English.It is frequently observed these students get demotivated due to this language barrier as they are unable to cope up with the core study language of higher education as they do not clearly get what is been thought in the lectures. My Article will cover some remedies for major challenges and problems faced by students regarding studying issues, understanding concepts dealing with new languages and the demoralization of students due inadequate knowledge of the core learning language in India i.e. English. It has been the need of time to learn English as to be presentable in this world one has to have a good command over English but if he or she has studied in regional language he will face many difficulties to understand all things in English in higher education.

Remedies or Suggestions

Dilution of lectures: The faculty should try to dilute the lecture into the core language and the regional language not fully but at least partially or at least key words.

Understand the student’s mentality: Many a times the student do not connect to you because either he feels difficult to understand the language or he is not familiar to the other language apart from his regular regional language.

Need of other languages: The need of any things drives the persons to learn new things so make the student’s understand the need of the learning language (English) they will automatically understand the importance of it.

Extra Devotion: The students who are weak in new language or are from vernacular medium should be made to work hard as they need to cop up with the new language apart from regional language.

Job Orientation: Need based job-oriented courses should be provided in colleges and universities that would fulfill the skill-based educational needs of the society.

Remedial lectures: Special remedial lectures shall be provided for weak should as if they need to pass some extra efforts or extra lectures are needed.


  1. Use of regional language should allow as a part of understanding of the students not for entire lecture.
  2. Lecture system should be made much more subject related and live rather than text book stuffs apart from teaching.
  3. Fun games: One can try to create knowledge in minds of student as it is you have lecture you would have be able to learn fun games which can help to bridge the gap between regional and learning language.
  4. If some students laugh at any person for spellings one should tell the other person that he has studied in regional languages so is weak in language of learning.
  5. Counseling should be done of all the students who face such problem due to which demoralization of students can be stopped.
  6. Many times the person understands what we say in English but is not able to speak in that language at that time one should help the students to gain confidence.
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