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Message from the Director


Past cannot be changed. What you have is TODAY and what you do with it, is what defines your future. Successful people don’t fret over past, but work towards making the future better.
At PTES, we believe in providing a platform, which will enable all our students to learn, practice and master the hard and soft skills, which will form the foundation for their success tomorrow.
We understand that each student is at different level of knowledge and skills. It could be due to multitude of reasons. However, we believe that our pedagogy, with its focus on individual development and support, helps students catch up and excel.
At PTES we work with students to improve their Aptitude (Hard Skills) and Attitude (Soft skills) to create a winner mindset.
For Aptitude, we complement the university course with additional exposure and practical exercises. This not only enhances employability prospects, but also gives an advantageous edge to our students. We are constantly interacting and understanding from the industry as to what they are looking for in young graduates and incorporating these in the courses. We expect our students to willingly and enthusiastically participate in these exercises for their better prospects.
Attitude is reflection of confidence of an individual. We work with students in enhancing their public speaking, presentation, and competitive skills. Whether working as individual or collaborating in teams, these activities are regularly conducted, to build confidence. A winning attitude requires practice and at PTES we work hard to imbibe this in each of you.
When we look at our graduates and see their success, it gives us more strength to strive even more. We are constantly learning and improving and expect the same desire in our students. If you think you can face the challenge, then PTES is the right place for you.

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